1. Media relations:

ThinkSmart understands that facilitating communication and relationship between organization and its target media is vital. Thus, it works with media to develop stories understand their editorial trends and act as an information desk on behalf of its clients.

2. Celebrity PR:

ThinkSmart has carved a niche in the UAE’s pool of PR agencies through its unique Celebrity PR offering. From creating opportunities to grab public attention to planning behavioral projections, ThinkSmart can manage every aspect of celebrity’s public image.

3. PR Business & Partnerships Opportunities:

ThinkSmart create business demands through different PR opportunities/ initiatives using different medium channels and celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs. ThinkSmart believes in strategic and lucrative partnerships between its clients’ and potential media and government entities. We encourage building positive relations to result into better image, increased awareness and educate the communities.

4. Online and Social Media Management:

ThinkSmart strives to drive and implement the latest communications to its clients through online portals and latest social media communications. We treat Social Media as key aspect of our client’s PR strategy, be it posting regular creative and engaging online content to running a full-on PR campaign. ThinkSmart very well understands various online platforms and proposes ideas to make it a PR success.

5. Copywriting /Scripts Writing/ Editorial Writing

ThinkSmart has high caliber copywriters that deliver a fast and efficient copywriting service for its clients and create scripts for print, TV, radio production. Our experienced PR experts create communication materials such as press releases, speeches, profiles, fact sheets, press kits, etc required for an impactful PR.

6. Event management

From product and service launches to full blown internal and external events, ThinkSmart provides a complete service to organizations looking to off-load the pain of event management. Through proposed events we help our clients create opportunities for enhancing and reinforcing brand positioning and achieve better publicity.

7. Media Training and Strategic Consulting:

Ever been faced with a tricky media question, “What is your worst business mistake ever made that you learned from?”, not knowing what kind of questions media will ask or ever been left in an uncomfortable situation with a killer question is the scenario that we at ThinkSmart train our clients to face. Through strategic consulting, we guide and advise our clients about various aspects of their public relations function.

8. Crisis Management and Crisis Correction:

ThinkSmart works with clients to develop communications strategies based on ‘what if scenarios. From what to say to the media to crisis communication standards, ThinkSmart ensures its clients are fully prepared in the event of any potentially damaging message and/or crisis situation. ThinkSmart helps clients communicate in real time during crisis situation as well as our crisis correction methodologies helps clients re-build and regain their reputation and public trust.

9. Media Coverage and Monitoring

Any communication program should conclude with timely media monitoring and analysis to evaluate the results achieved. Constant media monitoring and research plays important part in PR process, thus, ThinkSmart provides media report consisting of clients and competitor news with analysis of the acquired coverage to evaluate the outcome.

10. Social Corporate Responsibility & Positivity Empowerment

ThinkSmart believes in CSR as a way to educate society about giving back through awareness campaigns in health, education and environment. We develop and plan CSR strategies in line with the client’s corporate philosophy and ethics. On behalf of our clients, we form alliances with NGOs, government organization, local bodies, celebrities and influencers to ensure positive brand image. ThinkSmart believes in people as key driving force behind the success of any organization, therefore a healthy working environment is vital at ThinkSmart and its client’s organization. We offer meditations and stress relief techniques to reduce stress and increase productivity.