After the huge success of two exciting seasons, UAE’s first male focused TV show Eish Eldor, launches season three this September. The show is set to broadcast every Wednesday from September 4th  at 11 pm UAE time and 10 pm KSA time.

Being the first male focused reality show for the arab region, the concept revolves around bringing men closer to their passion and calling in life through planned activities, adventure sports and luxurious experiences. The show is hosted by sports enthusiast and presenter Haitham Obaid where he takes men around the country and across borders, giving a glimpse into an active, goal-oriented life that inturn motivates them for more in personal lives.

Haitham Obaid, Director and Presenter of the show expressed his delight at the premier of season three. “Working on a reality show gets us closer to our audience, we are able to host real stories of real men, from different age groups and from different Arab countries.  Our goal is to motivate them to renew their passion in life, recall their ambitions, change their routine and pursue their dream even after the filming is over.  The show is getting much love and appreciation by our viewers  and people now understand our vision more than ever.”

“I always feel immense gratitude when we complete a mission, finalizing each episode with various personalities. Our strategy is to give each one of them the opportunity to be part of this amazing journey – In order to  be their true self, we work towards creating a platform for them to dream and play big.” He added.

Eish Eldor show is produced by Abu Dhabi based local firm ThinkSmart, member of the Twofour54. Lina Husri, founder and Managing Director of ThinkSmart said : “We are proud to bring on Season 3 by Eish Eldor, with new elements to the show and with a better understanding of our target market. Working towards filling this gap in the Arab countries while offering new perspectives for men especially, we are thrilled to see contestants from all Arab countries wanting to take part in the show to live this life experience through a valuable concept.”

“New adventures in new countries will be our highlight in Season 3 with one special episode that shows and lays importance on giving back to the community as it was the passion of one of our contestants. Adding the female element, focusing on the role of men in their life, and  adding more surprises to our show in season 3.” She added.

The show includes segments like Fashion, sports cars, adventure challenges and more passion driven activities to ensure that the contestants are motivated, inspired and re-energized with purpose. Performing adrenaline filled activities, driving their dream cars while pursuing their passion and living a glimpse of their dreams in a reality show, Eish El Dor ensures that Arab men recognise their true potential and bring their dreams to life