ThinkSmart, a leading media, and public relations company has become the region’s first to launch a creative content hub, ‘THINKSMART HUB’. Located at the strategic Al Quoz Creative Zone, it is the first-of-its-kind infrastructure that’ll support and boost content creation for social media users on various platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Podcasts.

The ‘THINKSMART HUB’ also happens to be one of the pioneering brands to gain grounds in the potential ecosystem provided by the government at the Al Quoz Creative Zone. With the announcement of exemption from rents for up to two years by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, THINKSMART HUB is set to be an integral part of transforming Dubai into a global capital of the creative economy by 2025.

Sharing her thoughts, Lina Nihad Husri (CEO, THINKSMART HUB) said; “We endeavor to provide a thriving space that optimizes the creative bent of content creators. Whether it is brands, individuals, or anybody that’s already on social media or wanting to be a part of it, the hub provides novel ideas and support to help stand out in a bustling social media space. It houses diverse themes and decorations under one roof to suit content needs and will change quarterly to match UAE’s PR calendar. So whether it’s a season’s collection or festive theme, there’s ample space and inimitable designs to ensure no two shots look alike.”

She further added; “We chose to be at the Al Quoz Creative Zone following its announcement and launch in April 2021 by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Because it is an incubator for everyone in the field of content and art creation, we want to be an integral part of this ecosystem and will offer complete support to all content creators and artists.”

The THINKSMART HUB was conceptualized bearing in mind the growing usage of social media and the need for advanced lifestyle spaces. While brands are organically growing their media presence and following; there seemed a lack of supportive infrastructure that further facilitated content creation. The hub intends to bridge this gap to offer photogenic shoot locations, décor, equipment, and expertise to optimize time, talent, and investments.

Since 2020, the use of social networking sites has increased significantly in the United Arab Emirates and has continued to remain one of their most essential part of daily internet usage. According to Global Media Insight* Emiratis, on average spend almost 3 hours on social media daily with YouTube being the most popular followed by Facebook and Instagram. There are about 9.84 million active users on social networking sites out of the 9.94 million total UAE population making it a 98.99% internet active nation!

To further empower this digitally literate and creative streak, the THINKSMART HUB offers inspiring spaces complete with vibrant graphics, appealing color schemes, and interiors to suit the yearly PR and media calendar. Whether it is business shoots, product launches, lifestyle, fashion, makeup, or tourism; there are ample opportunities to suit every budget and need. While the ‘work-from-home culture is being established; the hub also aims at providing stimulating spaces for those wanting to work away from home/office.