Reckoning the immense earning potential that investments in cryptocurrencies have to offer; Evest, the region’s leading e-platform for investments and financial data, hosted the region’s first financial expert meet in Dubai. Held at Mandarin Oriental Jumirah the meet was attended with enthusiasts and experts interested in the digital world of cryptocurrency.

Taking forward Pythagoras’ words of wisdom ‘Numbers rule the world’; Evest forayed into cryptocurrency to optimize investment opportunities for its clients globally. Despite being a volatile investment option that’s prone to big swings in short time frames; Evest has efficiently managed an impressive portfolio with transparency and factual data. The expert meet was organized to further harness the power of investing in cryptocurrency by converting high-risks into high-rewards and analyse the region’s appetite for digital coins.

Evest also announced its presence on the Metaverse to optimize its service offerings and technology expertise.  Evest clients can now take advantage of this next big tech trend to invest and trade to encourage digitization. The host confirmed that it has onboard an experienced team that’s equipped with in-depth knowledge of this new virtual world and the nuances of trading on it.                                                              

Speaking about the region’s first financial expert meet CEO Ali Hasan said: “As more and more financial analysts worldwide have started talking about cryptocurrency, we thought it was important as a fraternity to understand the risks and do our research. While erring on the side of caution is understandable, its after-effects cannot be neglected and that’s why the need for prudence while investing in cryptocurrency. With this interactive meet, we have established stronger ties with our audiences to build confidence and a knowledgeable community that’ll help in crypto-asset allocation. We would also like to welcome you’ll to explore trading on the Metaverse via Evest. We guarantee an exhilarating experience that pushes your digital money to earn more.”

Even with extreme price fluctuations becoming the norm, financial advisors like Evest are finding an increasing number of clients wanting to get into action. The first-of-its-kind meet was an attempt to make investors understand how cryptocurrencies can be integrated into portfolios. The trend seems to be 1-2 % allocation for those who are testing waters and increases to 3-4% for those committed to an investment strategy. While risk tolerance is still at a nascent stage when it comes to investing in digital currency, there certainly is a rise in demand for crypto asset allocation in existing portfolios. The expert-driven discussions highlighted that the first step for investors and advisors is to get educated before dabbling in crypto.

Going forward, Evest plans to periodically arrange such expert meets to keep the audiences updated with market analysis, the scope for investments in cryptocurrency, and trading on Metaverse.