“Mommy & Me” By Selma BenOmar

//“Mommy & Me” By Selma BenOmar

“Mommy & Me” By Selma BenOmar

Known for providing authentic Moroccan Kaftan experience, Dubai-based designer Selma Benomar has revealed “Mommy & Me”, her 2018 Ramadan Collection.

The 25-piece range draws inspiration from the evergreen bond of a mother and a daughter, highlighting moments during the holy month that are more about the special bond, a gathering, a tradition that deserves a magical look and a shared feeling of beauty between the two.

Shimmering in a transpicuous and crystalline light, the predominantly pastel palette kaftans express a modern approach to the finer, regal looks. Adding to this vibe of the collection, the brand has also included ready to wear pieces inspired by the very traditional Moroccan “Djellabas”. With unique artwork depicting feathery stance, made using a combination of jacard and lurex, these new twists to traditional caftan cuts are exciting. Enhanced with the brand’s signature color combination, floral patterns and only the most extravagant stonework and embellishments, the movement of light, structured silhouettes, and Selma Benomar’s Moroccan mastery radiates from every piece.

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